Jick Pictures - Reading Rampage
Jick Pictures - Bungie Boys
Jick Pictures - We're All Mad Here
Jick Pictures - Lights Out
Jick Pictures - Starved
Jick Pictures - Dirty Deeds
Jick Pictures - Parched
Jick Pictures - Boy Meets Girl
Jick Pictures - When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong
Jick Pictures - The Magic Shoes

Short movies for short attention spans.

We are Jick Pictures. Jick is an independent filmmaking company founded by an aspiring filmmaker, Ryan Gordon. Back in 2001, a couple of guys, who were up to no good (don't start with me), pretended to be some other people in front of a camera one day. That's about it, no big thing there. Many people wonder about the origin of the word "Jick" and how it was conceived. We don't really know, but what we can tell is that it doesn't matter. What matters is the passion for the movies we make, and that's the soul purpose of why we are here doing this. If we ever change, or our movies start to suck, please tell us. Any way, that's just a brief overview. If you want to hit us up about anything, head over to Twitter below. Thanks for watching.